Monday, July 14, 2008

Anne Hathaway Does Black and White Just Right

Girl is on a roll. To further exemplify her fashion metamorphosis, Anne continues to rip up the red carpets on her Get Smart promotional tour. We have already seen some stellar looks from her, and she had a Celebrity Style this week, but Anne is the gift that keeps on giving. This week I could not decide between her frothy white Valentino and her draped black Marchesa, so both win. Yes, it's a competition, fashion folks. No doubt Anne has a stylist helping her, but all her looks suit her — which isn't always easy to do. Anne looks comfortable, confident and — most importantly — like she's having fun. Rafaello who?

I also want to note her diverse range of hairstyles and makeup; Anne is quite the beauty chameleon. The gushing doesn't stop there: Her accessories are also wonderful. Especially the gold detailed clutch, shoes, and jewelry she wore with the black Marchesa. Night and day, black and white, brava Anne!

Download of the Day: Send Tab URLs

Being the nut job that I am, I can't seem to cut back on the amount of tabs I keep open in Firefox — which usually total anywhere from 50 - 100. I know, I'm killing my RAM in the process and my MacBook is secretly threatening to crash on me once and for all. I used to be a big fan of CopyAllURLs, a handy Firefox add-on that would copy all of my open tabs and I could paste them in a text file. Therefore if Firefox ever crashed, and it didn't restore properly, I had all my fabulous tabs saved for future reference.

So you can understand how upset I was when I downloaded Firefox 3 and realized that CopyAllURLs wasn't compatible with the latest version of Firefox. Thankfully I found an even better add-on — Send Tab URLs. Send Tab URLs will not only create a list of all of the tabs from your browser, but it will send you an email with them as well (up to 24 tabs max)!

Open House: Your Inspiration

Interior design inspiration abounds lately; I've found it everywhere from a runway dress to a young celeb's scarf to a designer window display. Traditionally, though, I've found a lot of inspiration in shelter magazines, design books, museums, and architecture.
How about you? Where do you find inspiration for designing your own interiors? Tell me by commenting below!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Get the Look: Timeless Library

Whether it's thanks to the books, the sense of history, or the quiet environs, I've always found libraries one of the most comforting interior spaces I've ever inhabited. Give me any library, I'm not picky — it could be a university library, my neighborhood public library, or the library room at an older friend's grand home — I'm happy to just sit in a big, comfy chair among books.To create your own timeless library look, start with the most important element — books! You may want to add some built-in shelves, or secure book shelves to the walls of the room. Add a worn, elegant Persian rug, some overstuffed library chairs, and a substantial, preferably antique table, and you're getting closer to realizing this look.

The Look for Less: Geren Ford Silk Ruffle Dress

When I saw Lauren Conrad in this Geren Ford Ruffle Dress ($207, originally $345), I knew I had to have it. I heart the flirty ruffles and the light silk texture is perfect for the summertime heat. Since she's a star, and I'm not (boo), I'd like to find something more in my price range.

Rubber Ducky Mouse: Love It or Leave It?

Was it Bert or Ernie who was all about the rubber ducky? Because that's who I'm thinking of when I see this rubber ducky mouse.

Who else would appreciate this in the same way? If you would then it's good that you're geeky because this also happens to be an optical mouse, plus it's good for either a PC or Mac, but then I come to the end of my praise.

It's way too juvenile, but still . . . sometimes that's what you need. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Do You Care Where Your Clothes Are Made?

Eat Digital Toast With the Zuse Toaster!

What's better than toast? Digital toast. Inseq Design's Zuse Toaster "prints" rad pixelated images onto your bread. Hungry yet?
Inspired by a dot matrix printer (I can totally hear the errrrmp, beeeeeep noises!), the Zuse burns 12 by 12 pixel resolution so you could toast Space Invaders right onto your morning breakfast!

Lancôme Defining & Brightening Eyeliner Duo

I'm always on the hunt for a great purple eyeliner. A makeup artist recommended a Defining & Brightening Eye Pencil Duo ($28) by Lancôme because it's not too dark and not too bright or shimmery. It's a subtle deep eggplant that completely passes for a neutral. It looks amazing on green eyes, but my best friend who has brown eyes is now also an obsessed and loyal fan.

The twist is that the other end of the pencil contains the lightest shade of iridescent lilac that has an illuminating effect. The color isn't dramatic, but it creates a halo effect when you apply it just above your brow, to the inner rim of your eyes and just under the purple eyeliner. It goes on smooth without having to be warmed up, and it has a creamy, high-quality texture.

The only drawback is that you might still be wearing it the next morning when you wake up. Even when you wash and Q-tip, somehow a few stubborn remnants seem to stick around in your lash line.

Cubano Quesadillas

During the hot Summer, I hate to be indoors. Browsing through Everyday Food: Great Food Fast, I found the perfect recipe to escape my toasty kitchen, Cubano Quesadillas. The recipe requires a minimum amount of preparation and everything is cooked on the grill!
Traditionally, Cubano sandwiches consist of glazed ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, spicy mustard, and dill pickles served on Cuban bread. This recipe combines these delicious ingredients and contrasting flavors. They're topped with sweet, grilled red onions and sandwiched between two crisp tortillas.

Friday, April 04, 2008

An Organizational Haven For Your Gadgets

I'm obsessed with docking stations! I think it's awesome to have all of your gadgets being charged neatly in one designated spot so you never forget to grab this or that as you're walking out the door. I can't tell you how many times I was already outside my apartment, on my way to work, when I realized my iPhone was still sitting on the coffee table! Go a day without my iPhone? Never! So when I saw some of the Bluelounge products at MacWorld this year, I was stoked when they told me about the Sanctuary. Now that it's finally available, I can get organized in style.

Celebrity Style: Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham hit LA's vintage haven Resurrection in a classy but, of course, sexy look. This is Posh we're talking about here. She isn't showing too much skin but manages to get the message across anyway with her extremely fitted pencil skirt and demure button down top. A patent doctors bag and her trademark oversized DVB sunglasses up the glam factor, which is offset by a chunky androgynous watch. Hot. Let's hope she bought the vintage Chanel bag she's caressing, I could never get tired of ogling that beauty.

Registry Roundup: Furniture

Though it may be a bit untraditional, for young couples living on their own for the first time or for recent graduate student couples, registering for furniture is a good way to get the basics for your home, without running up credit card debt. In rare cases, a generous relative may pony up and buy you an entire sofa. For everyone else, there are retailers that will allow you to register for items at various price points (that will be affordable for all of your guests), and then essentially exchange them for a credit to spend on a high priced item you actually want, such as furniture. You can also register for cash gifts on MyRegistry, which can be combined to get you the dining table you're hankering for. If you do decide to register for furniture, choose the basics: bed, dresser, sofa, coffee table, dining table, and ottoman, along with four to six dining chairs. Following those guidelines, I rounded up several furnishings that I myself would register for. My choices, I think, are a good combination of a masculine color scheme, some feminine curves, and classic designs that should last at least as long as a good marriage. We also have a downloadable wedding registry you can use, and for a look at all of our wedding coverage, check out IDoSugar.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

USB Hub and Clock

Here's a good gift for dad this holiday season — a 4-Port USB Hub and Alarm Clock! I can't say I've really ever had the desire to have an alarm clock, calendar, and temperature gauge attached to my laptop, but it's kinda one of those gadgets you can see a guy in your life getting all excited about. Discussed on OhGizmo!, the clock is USB powered and includes a large LCD screen with both Fahrenheit or Celsius temperatures. The USB Hub can rotate 180 degrees and is both PC and Mac compatible. Priced at $20.

Scented Candles for the Long-Distance Girlfriend

If you really love your long distance gal pals, this holiday you should give them something they probably won't be buying themselves: scented candles. Scented candles will be the last thing on your girlfriends' minds or shopping lists during the holiday rush, but they're just that spoonful of sugar they'll need to unwind from the holiday hustle. That is, unless your friend is yours truly, who just bought herself this intoxicating and ultra-relaxing candle. Yes, I basically just proved myself wrong . . . but regardless, I've rounded up a handful of scented candles at various price points that you truly can't go wrong with. To see (or smell) my picks, click the images below.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

You Don't Need Permission To . . .

. . . still have dishes in the sink from the weekend.


What Was Your Favorite New Apple Product of 2007?

For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be asking you what your faves were for 2007, then I'll recap your answers with my picks at the end of the month!

I think it's safe to say that if there were an Oscar for gadgets, Apple would hands-down win the award for best products of 2007. The iPhone in itself is enough to warrant an award, and with the addition of the Apple TV, the new MacBook Pro, the widescreen Nano, and the iPod Touch, Apple blew all other inventions out of the park this year. What was your favorite new Apple gadget this year?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You Don't Need Permission To . . .

. . . be the only house on the block without a Christmas tree already.


The Bro Who Loves Cheese

I hold a dear place in my heart for the foodie who loves cheese. My older brother is one of those fromage fools who instantly knows his Parmesan from his pecorino. To help him become the master of mold, I plan on getting one of the following gifts. These chalk boards are perfect for displaying different kinds of cheeses! They add height to a tablescape and the dark slate accents the creamy colors of cheese. For more — from a cheese saw to a six-month cheese club subscription

Paris' Swede Reunion

After a very public lunch out with Nicky and Nicole, Paris Hilton picked up her boy toy Alex Vaggo for a movie at The Grove last night. I figured she had surely gotten rid of her Swedish import because we haven't seen him by her side since late September whlie she's been traipsing around the world. But her plucked from obscurity "male model" has more staying power than I thought. It looks like he got a new haircut and chiseled out those cheekbones, too. Well played, Mr. Vaggo.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What Should I Wear?

We all work for different companies who all have different dress codes so what do you wear to work everyday? Casual or smartly dressed? I can never decide what to wear. I work at a travel agency and we don't wear uniforms so sometimes I just wear a nice shirt and belt to do it up a bit so I don't look too "casual" but at times I feel I am not fancy enough. What can I do just to add that little extra umph?

Clothes can be so expensive and I don't earn the biggest salary. I have a unique fashion sense but it seems like I never have anything to wear, especially for work. Going out to party is never a problem but getting dressed for work seems like an huge unnecessary ordeal. Any advice would he extremely helpful.

Nicole Can't Wait to Show Off Her Golden Compass

Nicole Kidman was spotted leaving her London hotel yesterday. She's overseas to promote The Golden Compass, but took time out of her schedule to do good. Today she backed a petition from the UN Women's council as part of a campaign to stop violence against women. Back on the promotional trail, she talked about letting Connor and Isabella see her latest movie. She said, “They see my movies. Not all of them, but they know they’ll be able to see this movie. They loved ‘Happy Feet’ last year and this is their movie this year.” Considering the hype around The Golden Compass, we have a feeling more than just her kids will be clamoring to see this one.

Dinner. Casino. Nightclub

Eating the most delicious hamburgers, served from a shack that looked more like a shipping container, by the roadside, surrounded by limo drivers on their breaks, the hardcore members of the Corvette club and the colourful presence of the railway police.
One word : Random.

Strolling through the luxuriously plush carpets, the flashing lights of computer games, the echoing rain of clicking chips and the droning murmur of money being lost. Ugly people with ugly stories.
One word : Tragic.

Dancing to my old school R&B classics, surrounded by a sea of scantily-clad teenagers, drinking overly sweet mixers, gawking at a small crowd of immaculately dressed Thai cabin crew, and then chatting on the lounges until the babysitting expires.
One word : Amusing.

Friday, November 23, 2007

What Are You Thankful For?

We all know that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, so ladies, do tell: What are you thankful for this year?

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl went the menswear route while out to lunch with her mom in LA. Thankfully, she maintained a bit of femininity via her Oscar de la Renta ruffled cashmere cardigan, Chanel bag, and patent pumps. In this ensemble, she could easily walk from lunch into a meeting and still look appropriate. Don't you wish all outfits had such versatility?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Paris Has A Shanghai Turkey Day

Paris Hilton had a quick week in the states where she managed to party, pole dance, and host a baby shower, but she's already back overseas. The heiress landed in Shanghai and is gearing up for the 2007 MTV Style Gala on Friday, where she will make her Chinese television debut. Hopefully she'll find something a little more chic to wear than those teal sweats and clashing hoodie. We guess this all means there won't be a seat at the Hilton family Thanksgiving table for Paris this year, but we're sure she'll still find some way to celebrate.

Would You Text Your Pizza Order?

Popular pizza chain Papa John's has launched a text message ordering option at 2,700 US restaurants that allows customers to text their orders in to a local franchise. The company has been using an online ordering service since 2001 and claims web orders account for nearly 20 percent of its US sales.

Domino's Pizza has also started a system that allows hungry customers to place orders from web-enabled cell phones and PDAs. According to AP, the ordering system is available at about 3,000 Domino's locations and will spread to all of the chain's 5,100 restaurants next year.

I happen to be a pizza fanatic so I love the idea of having more than one way to order a hot slice, but I think I would worry if my order had gone through or not if it took a while to arrive.

Gift Guide: Tool Sets for the Hotshot Bartender

Maybe I'm just channeling pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan, but I really can't get through the holidays without a stiff drink. The stress of last-minute shopping, the anxious anticipation of seeing relatives again, the cocktail party small-talk, the reindeer jumpers, and the "how is your love life?" parental interrogations have me reaching for the bottle until January 1st. If it weren't for the hotshot bartenders in my life, I'd consider skipping the holidays altogether. You know the hotshot bartender. He (or she) is the first to uncork a bottle of wine, the first to mix the festive "peppermint" cocktails, and the last to serve himself a drink. This year, treat the holiday savior, and master mixologist in your life to the tools of the trade: a bar set. I've rounded up several bar tool sets at various price points for the guy (or gal) who makes your holidays fun. That is, for those of us who don't still believe in Santa Claus.

You Don't Need Permission To . . .

. . . buy a dessert and claim it's homemade.

Lohan Brings Riley to See Her New York and Her Family

Lindsay Lohan reintroduced herself to New York for the first time since May (which was two rehabs ago, if you're counting). She had her seasonal scarf, hot leather jacket and striped Balenciaga in tow. Also by her side was Riley, her mom Dina and her younger siblings Cody and Michael for dinner at Cipriani and to generally let LL be the star. Speaking of which, I feel like this is a good sign that just like most of you thought Linds will make that cameo on Dina's reality show after all. Also, Dina and LL are looking frighteningly similar these days, right? Hey, well, no matter, hope they all have an excellent and drama free Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cate Blanchett Is Pregnant!

Looks like there is at least one celebrity these days who doesn't mind admitting the obvious. We suspected Cate Blanchett was carrying her third child and you all seemed to agree the rumors were to be believed. In Sydney at the premiere of her latest film Elizabeth: The Golden Age Cate was asked if she was expecting and she said, "Yes, I am. It's early days yet. It's due in April." She referred to her expected newborn as "it" in response to not knowing the sex since the press was already starting rumors that she was having a boy. Congrats to the beautiful actress and her growing family.


The Feminine PC Case From In Win

If you want to add a touch of class and elegance to your computer, In Win has just come out with the beautiful, ergonomically designed Allure PC case. This special edition case is covered with pearly paint to create a lustrous shine and is inlaid with glowing pink Swarovski crystals which display a delicate floral pattern.

Discussed on OhGizmo!, the Allure holds Micro-ATX mainboards only and the front ports include a pair of USB ports, a firewire port and a HD audio port. The dimensions are 14.5-inches x 7.5-inches x 18.5-inches. Definitely a product you'll have to get a better look at from the product site, which is an experience in itself. No word on pricing just yet.

Do You Use Coasters?


Friday, November 02, 2007

Are You a Collector?

Collecting things—stamps, foreign coins, perfume bottles, matchbooks— can be a fun hobby. It can also be a great way to decorate your house, and to create little vignettes. Sometimes though, I feel like people need to draw the line with their collector's items; it can become a tad obsessive.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Photographer to Watch: Noah Webb

Photographer Noah Webb was born in Gold Beach, Oregon, but grew up throughout the state of California. This California influence is prevalent in his work, from images of car washes and classic garages to surfers on sunset beaches.
In 2000, Noah graduated with an MFA in photography from the California Institute of the Arts. Since then, he has been shooting for various clients as well as exhibiting his art. In 2001, he made it into the Surface Avant Guardian issue, which launched his career. In 2003, some of his images were included in the book Sensation. Since then Noah’s work has appeared in some of my favorite home publications, including Dwell, Domino, and Real Simple. A mini-booklet he made of his fine art body of work called read more

Cameron Diaz Is All About Green Living and Vegas

Cameron Diaz continued to show off her enviable wardrobe on the set of What Happens In Vegas, this time in Sin City itself. Her impromptu hubby to be Ashton hasn't joined her yet, but I'm sure they'll be filming in a little white chapel soon enough. Vegas might not be the greenest city in the world (to put it lightly), but I'm sure environmentally conscious Cameron will get up to her fair share of mischief there. Speaking of her more eco side, she recently wrote the forward for The Green Book, a newly published book on the importance of living sustainably. Maybe she can help bring a little of her green mentality to Las Vegas while she's there.

During Sex, Are Your Eyes Closed or Open?

When I have sex, what my eyes do totally depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to have a little visual stimulation, and seeing my man's skin and movements really gets me excited. Also, eye contact is a real turn on for me.
Then there are times when I like to close my eyes and get deeper into the moment by concentrating on the physical sensations or fantasizing about people who turn me on. So what about you? What do you do with your eyes while having sex?


Wall Murals for Kids

Artist Devon Holzwarth created Mural Studio in 2003 with the intention of applying her fine art training and imagination towards creating murals that can transform a space. I especially love Devon's kids' murals, and would've been thrilled to have one of her underwater murals decorating my bedroom as a kid.

To find out about how to buy one of Devon's murals, and to see images of her fabulous children's murals, just read more

Is Paris Worth All the Cash?

Paris Hilton hit fashion designer Kira Plastinina’s runway show in Russia on Monday, but the trip wasn't just for pleasure. Just for sitting in the front row, Paris scored $2 million for her ability to draw a crowd. She's also rumored to be making $1 million to take over hosting duties for Lindsay at the LAX New Year's Eve bash in Vegas, not a bad paycheck just to throw a party. So tell us — do you think Paris is worth all the cash?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Original AppleSac Laptop Case

If you're into eco laptop bags you'll probably love the The Original AppleSac, $29.99, a burlap and polyester sherpa fleece case that makes your ungreen Apple a little more green.

I love the juxtaposition of the earthy AppleSac with a high tech computer, and the fact that the case cleverly disguises your computer instead of calling out the fact that you are carrying a $1,500 machine.

If you're looking for something with a little more color, check out the company's chocolate brown ColcaSac case, which is made of heavy 18.5 oz basketweave canvas, or the Peony Lace case, which is made of pretty reversible Peony Lace fabric.

Midday Muse: Sail Away, Sleepyhead

While I think that my bed's pretty darn comfortable, this one is on another comfort level altogether.

Float by Design Mobel, designed by David Trubridge is the first winner of Design Mobel's annual Challenging How We Sleep contest. This past May, Float was voted by the public as best piece of bedroom furniture in the New Zealand competition.


Do You Love a Little Kate Walsh?

Kate Walsh picked up some peanuts and smokes stopping off to get gas in LA yesterday afternoon. I don't always love Miss Kate, but the red hot shoes are sassy in a good way (and Private Practice is, sigh, growing on me). Maybe I'll rekindle my love for Addison after all, but only if Kate stops talking about herself so much. Moving on, do you love Kate or is she a total bore? Let us know who you love, who you wish there was more of, and who you never want to take again — all you have to do is take this short little survey and tell us what we're doing right (and how to improve). Your input is greatly, greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ikat Napkins & Placemats

It kind of cracks me up that Ballard Designs refers to their discounted inventory as part of an "Estate Sale." I'm sure their "estate" is a steel-walled warehouse in Ohio somewhere. But, since they're selling steals like these Ikat Napkins ($25) and Placemats ($40), I couldn't care less where they've been storing their goods. I love the grosgrain ribbon details and the blue and raspberry color schemes. They're also are totally scratching my ikat itch.


Hollywood Awards Afflecks, Travolta, Hairspray and More

The Affleck brothers were the men of the hour at last night's Hollywood Film Festival's Hollywood Awards. Brad Pitt handed Casey Affleck the award for Breakthrough Actor of the Year (an honor bestowed on one Miss Lindsay Lohan last year) while Ben walked away with one the Breakthrough Director of the Year. That's the second year in a row on this stage for Ben (last year he won Supporting Actor), but it must have been that much sweeter to share the press room with Casey. John Travolta also walked away with this year's Supporting Actor statue and shared the Ensemble win with the rest of his Hairspray cast. Meanwhile, CZJ didn't go home with any honors, but yowza on the dress. Let Award Season begin!

Scrambled Eggs Two Ways — Beginner & Expert

Scrambled eggs are one of the world's simplest recipes. Once you've mastered the technique of cooking plain scrambled eggs, the possibilities of flavor combinations are endless. For best results, don't over-beat the eggs, and cook in a heavy nonstick or well-seasoned pan to prevent sticking. Be sure to use the correct size pan, since cooking too few eggs in an oversized pan will result in burning.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Are You My Mother?

Multi-gazillionaire Leona Helmsley made the news in August when she left $12 million dollars to her dog, Trouble, in her will. At my last count, more than 20 states have legalized such provisions, changing pet owners into pet guardians, and making it possible to will animals money and leave plans for their care. Regardless of any legal terminology or considerations, many people use varying parental titles in relation to their pets. I admit that buying myself a new outfit on Mother's Day and calling it a present from my dog could be a tad over the top, yet I don't consider myself that crazy to call myself North's "mama" ... but is it just me? I'm curious how you feel.

Wireless WildCharger Gadget Charger Now Available

Most of you were really excited when I introduced you to the WildCharger Wireless Charger this past summer and now, after a long wait, the device is finally available to consumers.

The WildCharger pad and its device adapters offer a neat wire-free power solution and aim to cure the madness of cords, chargers, adapters and congested outlets by offering a single pad that does it all.

The company has launched with adapters for Motorola RAZR cell phones as well as the iPod Nano. They plan on also releasing adapters for Blackberrys and smart phones this winter.

How Well Do You Know Brunch?

I always look forward to Sundays because they are also brunch days. It's usually the only day a week when I go out for a late breakfast and gobble up all kinds of fancy food. The only problem is that it's too hard to choose what to order. Pancakes or French Toast? An omelet or a scramble? And don't even get me started on Bloody Marys!

Are you a brunch lover too? Take this quiz and test your brunch food knowledge.


Paris and Fab Enjoy the Last of LA Fashion Week

Paris Hilton enjoyed her VIP perch at the Petro Zillia Spring 2008 show finishing off LA Fashion Week on Thursday. She certainly looks happy to be there for her old friend Petro as he showed off his newest line. Fab's got all the hot runway looks from the show for you to see, but even more exciting, they've been racking up the Celebrity Sightings while in LA for Fashion Week. They even spotted Paris in this very front row.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cate Brings Elizabeth to Rome

Cate Blanchett took Elizabeth: The Golden Age abroad Friday for the Rome Film Festival. First stop for Cate was a photocall for the film where she glowed in blue and gold. Cate then took her look up a notch to walk the red carpet in a dress that made her standout but not necessarily in a good way. Cate has been reflecting on bringing her famous character back to the big screen and while in Rome admitted the role would have been pretty difficult to turn down. She said, "It would have been perverse to refuse to play in the sequel. It's undeniable that Elizabeth I is an extraordinary woman in history."
We're happy Cate came back as Elizabeth even if the sequal wasn't as good as the first.